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Farmers Repair & Machine Shop was founded in 1946 by Alvin E. Strasil Sr.  Mr. Strasil, a World War II Navy veteran, in one act both continued and expanded the family trade which had centered around blacksmithing and welding for several previous generations.  Known as simply "Farmers Repair" to locals, his business began as primarily a repair facility for farm machinery.  This line of work was well suited for its midwestern location which hosted a large farming community.

Farmers Repair & Machine Shop was originally located two doors north of its present address.  Alvin purchased a larger facility and relocated his business there in the early 50s.  The business flourished for over a half-century and grew to offer sales of steel, welding gases and related equipment.  Services offered also expanded to include repairs and fabrication for more commercial and industrial related applications.

At the turn of the millennium, the torch was passed to yet another generation.  Thomas J. Strasil, son of Alvin and present member, continues the tradition of excellence and innovation in the industry.  At present, Farmers Repair & Machine Shop, LLC offers a full line of industry related sales and services.  From steel, specialty metals, welding gases and welding supplies to a full line of name-brand welders and equipment.  Featured services include farm and industrial repairs and machine work in its fully equiped machine shop.  Farmers Repair & Machine Shop, LLC also offers press work with its mammoth 200 ton hydraulic press, the industry's largest operating unit offering service to the public for many miles around.  All told, Farmers Repair & Machine Shop, LLC is one of the largest, most well-equiped and experienced facilities of it's kind in the region.

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